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Black College in an Age of Ferment : A collection of essays
Black colleges and equal opportunity in higher education : A variety of papers advocating the retention of black colleges and universities
Black Perspectives on State Controlled Higher Education : the Florida report
Educating blacks for the new millennium: Meeting the challenge : A challenge of facts
Equality of opportunity in higher education: Myth or reality
Guidelines for the Principal : Title IX : Removing discrimination on the basis of sex
Law and the unitary system of higher education : A discussion of the impact of Title VI, U.S. Civil Rights Act on selected black public colleges and universities
Letter exchange between Peter E. Holmes and Robert B. Mautz
Letter from Peter E. Holmes to Robert B. Mautz
Letter from Peter E. Holmes to Robert B. Mautz
Letter from Peter E. Holmes, response to questionnaire
Proceedings of the ... annual conference of the Presidents of Negro Land Grant Colleges. (1937).
Public address of colored women
Race relations in the South
Segregation factor in the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary of 1956
Tallahassee bus protest
The Tallahassee bus protest (Field Reports on Desegretation in the South)
The Civil Rights Movement in Florida and the United States
Twelve black Floridians