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Target Area II Group Meeting
North Florida Small Farm Cooperative
CEP Workshop with Dr. Mabel Edlow
FAMU 4-H Youth Summer Camp
FAMU International Soils Bulletin #1
CAFS Magazine Winter 2017
Yearbook FAMU DRS 1957
Yearbook FAMU DRS 1954
Extension Strikes
MMERI Fact Sheet Spanish
07-09-19 Community Forum Flyer Pensacola
MMERI Fact Sheet French
2019/06/05 MMERI Press Release for Orlando Forum
2019/08/14  MMERI Press Release South Florida
2019/06/05 MMERI Press Release Orlando Community Forum
FDOH Fact Sheet
2020/01/24 MMERI Radio Forum FeaturesConversations on Legal Issues in Cannabis and the History and Societal Impact of Cannabis
2020/01/29 - FAMU MMERI Press Release FAMU MMERI Forum RadioFeatures MMERI Mini Grant Recipients and Cannabis Business of FAMU Alum
Groundbreaking Ceremony for The Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum