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Amicus curiae brief of the Attorney General of Florida
Analysis of the Qualifications of the Principals of the Accredited Negro High Schools in Florida
Brief History of the Division of Health, Physical Education and recreation at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University from 1918 through 1978 (60 years)
Brief Review of the Growth and Improvement of Educatin for negroes in Florida, 1927 - 1962
Community Participation of 130 Negro Public School Teachers in the Socio-Economic Activities of Leon County
Evaluation of programs of work of six selected chapters of New Farmers of America in Central America
Florida bicentennial trail: a heritage revisited
Lamplighters, black farm and home demonstration agents in Florida : 1915-1965
Negro in the reconstruction of Florida, 1865-1877
Origin of names of army and air corps posts, camps and stations in World War II in Florida
Public Secondary Education for Negroes in Florida
Rise and development of universal education in Florida during reconstruction
Segregation factor in the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary of 1956
Status of unemployed Negro teachers in central Florida
Twelve black Floridians