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administration and supervisory problems involved in the consolidation of rural schools of Jackson County
Community Participation of 130 Negro Public School Teachers in the Socio-Economic Activities of Leon County
Evaluation of programs of work of six selected chapters of New Farmers of America in Central America
Factors Influencing the Internal Migration of Farmers in Alachua County, Florida, 1940-50
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Florida bicentennial trail: a heritage revisited
Florida's mineral industry: an historical appraisal of a phase of the Florida economy
Investigation of the Competencies in Arithmetic Reasoning of the Students Enrolled in the High Schools for Negroes in Orange County, Florida
Investigation of the Procedures and Policies Related to the Principal's Report of Negro Exceptional Children in Florida
lamplighters, black farm and home demonstration agents in Florida
Negro in the reconstruction of Florida, 1865-1877
Relationship of the land laboratory plots to the farming programs of the All-Day Students in Moore Academy High School, Pasco County, Florida
Segregation factor in the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary of 1956
Study of Available Recreation Programs for Negroes in Tallahasse, Florida with Proposals to Meet Exhisting Limitations
Study of farming and related occupational opportunities in Goulds school area of Dade County, Florida
Study of the Merits of Cooperative Farming in the Shadeville Community, Wakulla County, Florida
Study of the Service Provisions for the Negro Mentally Deficient in Florida
Survey of the problems of elinquents and maladjusted children between the ages of 6 and 18 with suggested remedial services
Ten year study of the Social Welfare and Health Services Rendered to the People of Leon County by the Tallahassee Chapter of the American Red Cross