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Analysis of Certain Factors which affect Proficiency in Science Among Students in the Seventh Grade in the Elementary Schools of Florida
Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Attitudes of Teachers Toward Supervision
Analysis of Seasonal Migration in Winter Garden, Florida, as it Affects Community Life, School, and Student Life
Analysis of the Literature on the Education of the Negro Gifted Children from 1940-1950
Analysis of the Qualifications of the Principals of the Accredited Negro High Schools in Florida
Analysis of Theses Submitted and Accepted in the Graduate Program at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University August, 1947 Through August, 1953
Analytical study of the language arts program of grades four through six at Bond Junior High School
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Florida bicentennial trail: a heritage revisited
lamplighters, black farm and home demonstration agents in Florida
Negro in the reconstruction of Florida, 1865-1877
Segregation factor in the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary of 1956