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Yearbook FAMU DRS 1957
Yearbook FAMU DRS 1954
Target Area II Group Meeting
North Florida Small Farm Cooperative
MMERI Fact Sheet Spanish
MMERI Fact Sheet French
Groundbreaking Ceremony for The Southeastern Regional Black Archives Research Center and Museum
FDOH Fact Sheet
FAMU 4-H Youth Summer Camp
Extension Strikes
CEP Workshop with Dr. Mabel Edlow
2020/01/29 - FAMU MMERI Press Release FAMU MMERI Forum RadioFeatures MMERI Mini Grant Recipients and Cannabis Business of FAMU Alum
2020/01/24 MMERI Radio Forum FeaturesConversations on Legal Issues in Cannabis and the History and Societal Impact of Cannabis
2019/08/14  MMERI Press Release South Florida
2019/06/05 MMERI Press Release Orlando Community Forum
2019/06/05 MMERI Press Release for Orlando Forum
12-19-19 Community Forum Flyer Tampa (Spanish)
12-19-19  Community Forum Flyer Tampa (English)
07-09-19 Community Forum Flyer Pensacola