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Survey of the standardized testing programs in Negro schools of Florida and their implications for guidance
Survey of the problems of elinquents and maladjusted children between the ages of 6 and 18 with suggested remedial services
Survey of teacher's estimates of high intelligence in grades four, five, and six of Bond, Griffin, Lincoln, and Lucy Moten schools
Study of reading difficulties in the fourth grade of Glenwood Elementary School Panama City, Florida
Study of parent-teacher relationship in Flager county
Study of farming and related occupational opportunities in Goulds school area of Dade County, Florida
Status of unemployed Negro teachers in central Florida
Proposed program for improving school-community relations in the Negro schools in Putnam county, Florida
Normative-survey of the program of academic counseling at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Negro schools of Duval County 1955-1956
Investigation of the nature of improvements in the Negro schools of Nassau county from 1946 to 1950, and factors which contributed toward these improvements
Growth and development of Griffin High School from 1908-1955
Follow-up study of diversified cooperative training graduates
Evaluation of the physical plants of five consolidated rural schools for Negroes in Leon county with recommendations for improving existing limitations
Evaluation of programs of work of six selected chapters of New Farmers of America in Central America
Brief Review of the Growth and Improvement of Educatin for negroes in Florida, 1927 - 1962
Brief History of the Division of Health, Physical Education and recreation at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University from 1918 through 1978 (60 years)
appraisal of the curricula of the Negro high schools of Alachua county, Florida
appraisal of certain aspects of the reading program of the rural elementary schools of Madison county
Analytical study of the language arts program of grades four through six at Bond Junior High School